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Love FAQ: The One Time Knowledge of Elvish Battle Poetry Comes in Handy

This week on Love FAQ, we talk hinkydinks and elvish battle poetry: You’re married, not dead. There’s nothing wrong with crushes, and it’s totally normal to get a little hinkydink in your pants now and then for someone who isn’t your husband – especially someone as easy to fantasize about as your long-term bestie. You […]

Love FAQ: When a Woman Loves a Woman, It’s Really Not About Your Penis

Friday means a new Love FAQ up at The Escapist, and I gotta say, this week’s is one of my new favorites. All three emails struck a chord as soon as I read them, from a woman who just won’t stop watching Star Trek: Voyager (what? I CAN QUIT DRAGON AGE ANY TIME I WANT […]

Love FAQ: All Your Base Are Belong To Mom

On this week’s Love FAQ, I discuss rampaging rhinos, douche-y fiancés and why even a rat-infested shithole is better than living with Mom: So what if you didn’t land that fancy job you wanted straight out of college, and now you’re forced to flip burgers or bag groceries and barely make minimum wage? That’s why […]

Love FAQ: Catching Up Is Hard To Do

I realize I’ve been remiss on posting the last couple of Love FAQs to my website — life’s been a little busy. But it’s never too late for a Love FAQ! Catch up on the back issues below: “Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story” In which I counsel the one the […]

Love FAQ: You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can’t Make It Hook Itself Up to a Car Battery)

Another Friday, another Love FAQ! This time, we go over the importance of homebrewing confidence, why sex isn’t as much of a stumbling block as faith, and how to find a Christian switch in a haystack. In Jesus’s name, amen. From the article: Don’t give up. You’ll find someone; it just might take a while. […]

Love FAQ #4: Your (Fat) Princess Is In Another Castle

Another Friday, another Love FAQ. Today, we talk age of consent and luscious larger ladies. I anticipate this one will be quite contentious indeed. Love FAQ: Your (Fat) Princess Is In Another Castle Check it out! Share/Save

GWJ Conference Call Ep. 248: Romance & Videogames

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the GWJ Conference Call — a bevy of personal crises and suckitude has kept me from being able to record — but  I’m back, baby. This week, I join Julian Murdoch, Allen Cook, and the infinitely fascinating Roger Travis, U. Conn classics professor and Director of the Video […]

Putting the Gay in Games: The Industry’s Changing Attitudes on Sexuality

Two posts in one day! I know, I spoil you. I have a new feature up today at, “Putting the Gay in Games: The Industry’s Evolving Attitudes Toward Sexuality“. The feature — nearly NINE MONTHS in the making — covers the gaming community and industry’s recent attempts to accommodate LGBT gamers, with varying success. […]