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Putting the Gay in Games: The Industry’s Changing Attitudes on Sexuality

Two posts in one day! I know, I spoil you. I have a new feature up today at, “Putting the Gay in Games: The Industry’s Evolving Attitudes Toward Sexuality“. The feature — nearly NINE MONTHS in the making — covers the gaming community and industry’s recent attempts to accommodate LGBT gamers, with varying success. […]

Love FAQ #3: Don’t Stick It in the Crazy

Another Friday, and you know what that means: Another Love FAQ up at The Escapist! This week’s column is titled, appropriately enough, “Don’t Stick it in the Crazy“.  I give you a free sample: Dear The Loneliest Jedi, IT’S A TRAP. For the love of Admiral Ackbar, run as fast and as far as you […]

Love FAQs: It’s Alive!

In a strange twist of fate, I’ve been asked by The Escapist to write “LoveFAQs”, a new weekly advice column about sex, dating and relationships. Frankly, I’m beyond excited about it — this is probably the most fun assignment I’ve ever taken on. The debut column is available here: Love FAQs #1: Honesty is the […]