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Love FAQ: The One Time Knowledge of Elvish Battle Poetry Comes in Handy

This week on Love FAQ, we talk hinkydinks and elvish battle poetry:
You’re married, not dead. There’s nothing wrong with crushes, and it’s totally normal to get a little hinkydink in your pants now and then for someone who isn’t your husband - especially someone as easy to fantasize about as your [...]

Love FAQ: When a Woman Loves a Woman, It’s Really Not About Your Penis

Friday means a new Love FAQ up at The Escapist, and I gotta say, this week’s is one of my new favorites. All three emails struck a chord as soon as I read them, from a woman who just won’t stop watching Star Trek: Voyager (what? I CAN QUIT DRAGON AGE ANY TIME I WANT [...]

Love FAQ: All Your Base Are Belong To Mom

On this week’s Love FAQ, I discuss rampaging rhinos, douche-y fiancés and why even a rat-infested shithole is better than living with Mom:
So what if you didn’t land that fancy job you wanted straight out of college, and now you’re forced to flip burgers or bag groceries and barely make minimum wage? That’s [...]

Love FAQ: Catching Up Is Hard To Do

I realize I’ve been remiss on posting the last couple of Love FAQs to my website — life’s been a little busy. But it’s never too late for a Love FAQ! Catch up on the back issues below:
“Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story”
In which I counsel the one the soldier leaves [...]

Love FAQ: You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can’t Make It Hook Itself Up to a Car Battery)

Another Friday, another Love FAQ! This time, we go over the importance of homebrewing confidence, why sex isn’t as much of a stumbling block as faith, and how to find a Christian switch in a haystack. In Jesus’s name, amen.
From the article:
Don’t give up. You’ll find someone; it just might take a while. Kinky [...]

Love FAQ #4: Your (Fat) Princess Is In Another Castle

Another Friday, another Love FAQ. Today, we talk age of consent and luscious larger ladies. I anticipate this one will be quite contentious indeed.
Love FAQ: Your (Fat) Princess Is In Another Castle
Check it out!

Love FAQ #3: Don’t Stick It in the Crazy

Another Friday, and you know what that means: Another Love FAQ up at The Escapist!
This week’s column is titled, appropriately enough, “Don’t Stick it in the Crazy“.  I give you a free sample:
Dear The Loneliest Jedi,
IT’S A TRAP. For the love of Admiral Ackbar, run as fast and as far as you can.
She needs to [...]

Love FAQ #2: The Unbearable Lightness of Licking Lampposts

On this week’s Love FAQ, I tell you how online dating is like hitch-hiking, why sex isn’t a leaderboard, and why gay geeks ought to be more like Honey Badger:
Love FAQ #2: The Unbearable Lightness of Licking Lampposts.
And yes, that is a shameless Dragon Age reference. So sue me. #teamAlistair

Pregnesia: A Real-Time Review

On Monday, just for fun, I live-Tweeted a reading of Carla Cassidy’s masterful “Pregnesia”, the zaniest, most entertaining Harlequin this side of “The Sheik’s Virgin Stable Girl”. Choice plot revelations include:
The repo man finds a beatup pregnant lady in a car he’s actively repossessing and CONTINUES REPOSSESSING THE CAR.
Preggo just had a dream that a [...]

Love FAQs: It’s Alive!

In a strange twist of fate, I’ve been asked by The Escapist to write “LoveFAQs”, a new weekly advice column about sex, dating and relationships. Frankly, I’m beyond excited about it — this is probably the most fun assignment I’ve ever taken on.
The debut column is available here:
Love FAQs #1: Honesty is the [...]