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I know what you’re thinking. “Guarantees? I’ve never heard of guaranteed writing before. She must be off her rocker.” Yes, I guarantee my work. And here’s why:

Content sells. And only content sells.

Maybe that doesn’t seem intuitive, but it’s true. Nifty graphics, splashy video, a catchy song… these only get you so far. Sure, these tricks might grab your prospect’s attention (momentarily). But it’s what you do once you have that attention that really matters. And if you don’t have any useful information to offer your prospects in exchange intruding on their mental space, then you will turn off more people than you persuade.

The written word is the most powerful hammer in your marketing toolbox. The only one that really matters. If you can offer genuinely useful content to your prospects, if you can become the Thought Leader in your industry and guide the information flow your clients see, you’ll never hurt for new customers. You can just turn on the spigot, and print money whenever you like.

That’s why I stand behind my work. I know how important it is to your business. And I know it works. I believe in it, and I want you to believe in it, too.

I offer all my clients not one, not two, but three Guarantees:

The “Not Just Another Contractor” Deadline Guarantee:

Tired of contractors who don’t take your time seriously, and think deadlines are “optional”? Well, I’m so sure that I can produce what you need on time, every time that if I miss our initial “First Draft” deadline, I’ll refund all of your advance. No tricks. No questions asked. 100%, every penny you paid. A full one-third of your total bill, back in your pocket. Because the last thing you need in your life is yet another contractor who can’t meet a deadline.

The “She Must Be Nuts” Quality Guarantee:

I don’t want clients who are merely satisfied with my work. I want clients jumping-for-joy, wake-the-neighbors thrilled with my work. That’s why I give TWO rounds of revisions absolutely FREE. So we can both be sure your copy does exactly what you want it to do, that you’re as excited about it as I am. (Try finding an ad agency that doesn’t charge you for revisions!)

The “Thank God For The Blackberry” Commitment Guarantee:

I’m not one of those writers that sends you copy to review and then just disappears. If you ever have any questions or comments about how to implement your new copy, or you have a new idea you want to try, just contact me at (585) 486-4106 or lara[at]laracrigger[dot]com, and we can talk about it further. And if I’m not there, then within 24 hours, I will personally return your call, email, fax, text message, IM, hand-delivered telegram–no matter what!

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