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Over the years, I’ve written about a broad range of topics, from health and  finance, to gaming and home design. Feel free to browse the following links to get a taste of some of my favorite works over the years*. (Or check out my blog, which offers up-to-the-date info on where and when my work will appear.)

*While I’d love to post clips of everything I’ve ever written, certain contractual limitations and copyright laws prohibit me from doing so. (That’s also why certain publications seem over-represented here, while others don’t appear in this list at all.) If you’re curious about my other work, please don’t hesitate to email me!

One last thing: Please don’t re-post or reprint the below articles without my or my editors’  written permission. Doing so is illegal. It also makes you kind of a jerk. So please, don’t do it.

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  • Lara Crigger Communications is a one-stop shop for all your writing and marketing copy needs. Specializing in copy for the finances and home design industries, Lara has worked with dozens of local and national businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She also regularly contributes to several consumer publications, including Wired, Design NY and Games for Windows Magazine.
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